Three artworks available as prints

I’ve made three of my original drawings available as prints. Each design is available as a high-quality printed everyday item such as t-shirts, tote bags and travel coffee mugs, as well as fine art and metal prints! This way to the shop!redbubble3designs-merchegs

Wearing different hats…

I wear different hats – in actual fact they’re more like the same hat (i.e. me), but at different times I seem to focus on different sides of the hat…

Let me explain – until I went to University my idea of what an artist did was quite limited – although I had been exposed to the role of curators, writers and researchers before then, it was only once I graduated and began to exhibit regularly that I realised how so many different people and roles exist and are needed in the Visual Arts.

From 2009 to 2012 I taught at different institutions in Maputo, Mozambique. From around 2013 I collaborated with Kulungwana Association for Development as a gallery assistant, eventually becoming a member. In 2014 I was fortunate to receive a scholarship from IFA/Alexander Rave Foundation to learn more about art archives at IWALEWAHAUS in Bayreuth, Germany [more about that experience here].

Maimuna Adam Bayreuth photo by Anja Zelliger
Me transporting shelving through the center of Bayreuth for artist Uche Uzorka’s residency exhibition at Subkultur, with co-curator Anja Zeilinger, as part of training at IWALEWAHAUS/Mashup the Archive Project by curator Sam Hopkins. Photo: A. Zeilinger.

I’ll be the first to admit that at times having so many sides to my hat made me question my ability – I mean, is there perhaps only ‘so much’ that a person can truly do, and still do it well? Basically, was I becoming a ‘Jacquelina of all trades, master of none?

The answer is simple – although it has different sides, the hat is the same one – I am an artist, and as such I am a creative being driven to see, create and share meaningful images and experiences in my field. I’ve now accepted and embraced this ‘multifacetedness’ which I feel is an important quality for a creative person, at least for me, today.

I’m currently curating South African artist Jessica K Ballantyne’s first solo exhibition “Sacred Nude”, in London. If you’d like to attend the opening or know someone that would, please visit her website here to RSVP.

My feeling now is that ‘curating’ has as many different ‘styles’ as the people involved with it. I personally believe that as such I am more of a ‘facilitator’ than someone ‘calling the shots’. After all, the artist knows best! I am here to ask questions (many times the difficult ones!), suggesting solutions to temporary problems, writing and researching to support the work and give the artist a deeper understanding of what they are doing.


Jessica Ballantyne preparing the windows at Retreat Yoga Studio in New Cross Street, London, before her first solo exhibition, September 2018. Photo courtesy of JK Ballantyne.

I believe that by working together we’re able to achieve much more than when we isolate ourselves. It makes me proud to see colleagues achieve things they’ve ‘dreamed up’, things they weren’t even sure they’d be able to achieve. It’s a win for them, and a win for all creatives – it’s an incredible boost of confidence to know that ‘yes, this CAN be done’, as it helps us bust the myths that we were told since small of how ‘impossible’ it would be to be an artist.

What about you, does your hat have many sides to it, or do you have one hat only? Has this always been so? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! 🙂

14.06.2018 | Re-Lembrar | Re-Membering |

Everyone is invited to the opening of the exhibition Re-Membering (Mystery of Foreign Affairs) on Thursday 14th of june 2018, at 17h00 at Fortaleza de Maputo and at 18h30 at Camões – Centro Cultural Português in Maputo.

Estão tod@s convidad@s para a inauguração da exposição Re-Lembrar (Mystery of Foreign Affairs) que terá lugar na Quinta-feira 14 de junho 2018, às 17h00 na Fortaleza de Maputo e às 18h30 no Camões – Centro Cultural Português em Maputo.

O ponto de partida da exposição internacional Re-Lembrar (Mystery of Foreign Affairs) é uma reflexão sobre a vida entre culturas diferentes de vinte mil trabalhadores moçambicanos que trabalharam e moraram na República Democrática Alemã. Contudo, o projeto almeja também, de forma mais abrangente, contribuir para uma reflexão sobre as relações entre Europa e África, no passado e no presente.

A primeira parte da exposição decorreu em vários lugares da cidade de Schwerin, na Alemanha, entre setembro e novembro de 2017, com a participação de artistas de Moçambique, Angola, África do Sul e Alemanha. Nesta exposição, as obras de artistas como Dito Tembe, Iris Buchholz Chocolate e Katrin Michel abordam a temática das relações de intercâmbio da República Democrática da Alemanha com trabalhadores moçambicanos, conhecidos como Madgermans. Por seu turno, as obras de artistas como Matias Ntundo ou Gemuce proporcionam uma revisitação do passado colonial, enquanto os trabalhos de Edson Chagas e Zanele Muholi representam a presença e a questão de estereótipos e atribuições culturais no mundo atual.

A segunda parte da exposição decorre em dois espaços da cidade de Maputo, no Camões – Centro Cultural Português e na Fortaleza de Maputo, e estará patente entre 14 de junho e 27 de julho de 2018. Em Maputo, a exposição passa a incluir dois trabalhos sobre a Namíbia: Towards Memory, de Katrin Winkler, um projeto de vídeo e pesquisa que surgiu de uma colaboração com mulheres da Namíbia que foram enviadas em crianças para a RDA em 1979, aquando da luta da libertação e anti-apartheid no seu país. O segundo trabalho é intitulado Namibia Today, de Laura Horelli, e recorda a edição do jornal homónimo impresso na então RDA.

Em Maputo, são ainda apresentadas obras de Jorge Dias, Maimuna Adam, Gemuce, Dito Tembe, Luís Santos, Matias Ntundo, Iris Buchholz Chocolate, Edson Chagas e Katrin Michel. Através de diferentes meios, da instalação à pintura, passando pela escultura e vídeo, a exposição pretende contribuir para um trabalho de memória sobre o passado comum, bem como para uma reflexão sobre as relações atuais entre África e Europa.

A Exposição (Re)Lembrar – Mystery of Foreign Affairs tem o apoio da Kulturstiftung des Bundes e Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Q: “Why art?” [pt 1]

A: I make art because it is my life’s purpose and desire to express beauty and impulse healing and transformation in the world. I spend a lot of time in the studio creating things intuitively, without consciously knowing ‘why’, and I have learned to enjoy this a lot.

Over time I have noticed that the pieces customers love and absolutely cannot live without are the ones that they feel are the truest, most honest and deepest expressions of a specific sentiment they have felt, and a lot of times they connect with the intent I placed in the artwork without me saying much about it!

It is still amazing to me today to witness artists creating such magical moments, and how these in turn please and add to the experience of buyers and exhibition-goers alike. That’s why I make art.

05.2018 | 5 das 7 | 5 of the 7 |

“Não nos deixem na memória”, elas pediram – “nem na memória mal-lembrada. Dêem-nos asas, força para contar a nossa história – para participar no futuro. Não existimos sem as nossas fraquezas – e não superamos nada sem estar cientes delas. Para que a nossa ausência seja só isso – um facto físico.” (E a outra chiava, “não somos uma mera nota de rodapé!”)

“Don’t leave us in memory”, they asked – “not even in badly remembered memories. Give us wings, strength to tell our story – to take part in the future. We do not exist without our weaknesses – and we cannot overcome anything without being aware of these. So that our absence is just that – a physical fact. ” (And the other one screamed, “we are not a mere footnote!”)

Café e carvão sobre papel Canson de 200gsm, 29.9 x 21.1 cm cada / Coffee and charcoal on 200gsm Canson paper, 29.9 x 21.1 cm each


A question for all artists and creatives – how important is the city and country you find yourself in in your process of creating?